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Founding Directors Jocie Bate and Andrew Bate are transforming the agricultural industry through the use of small, light-weight, low-cost autonomous machines to perform a multitude of agricultural tasks. SwarmFarm, located near the small central Queensland town of Gindie, is an agricultural robotic company that uses robots in crop production to improve productivity, lower costs, increase production and reduce the environmental impact. As famers they are passionate about ensuring the future generations of farmers have a vibrant, economic, and sustainable future in the cropping industry.

Location: Gindie QLD, Australia

What We Do

accelerate agricultural innovation,
nurture regional success…

For a cohort of ten start-ups and spin-offs, the AgFrontier Regional AgTech Incubator provides a unique program over 14-months to equip them with the knowledge they need to establish, develop and export agtech product and services.  We do this through:

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Tech Connect

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USA Mission

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Foundational Support

Australian Government Department of Industry, Innocation and Science | AgFrontier

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Local Buying Foundation | AgFrontier

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CRDC | AgFrontierAdvance Queensland - Queensland Government | AgFrontier

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Arc Hardware Incubator | AgFrontierAvestix Lab | AgFrontier

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