Project Team

Cassie Turner | AgFrontier Mentor

Cassie Turner

Agtech Community Officer | Agronomist

Based in Emerald, Queensland, Cassie Turner is CHDC’s AgTech Community Officer.  She is responsible for managing the grass roots level engagement between the cohort, program delivery and external stakeholders for the AgFrontier Regional Agtech Catalyst program.  Cassie holds degrees in both business and agriculture and is an an experienced agronomist with a keen interest in livestock nutrition.  Having relocated to Emerald around three years ago, Cassie is a great advocate for the Central Highlands region and lifestyle and a passionate support of the agricultural industry.

Sonya Comiskey | AgFrontier Mentor

Sonya Comiskey

Agtech Program Manager | Beef Producer

Based in Emerald, Queensland, Sonya Comiskey is CHDC’s Agtech Program Manager, responsible for the overall delivery of the AgFrontier Regional AgTech Catalyst program.  She is an experienced project manager with experience in agriculture, civil construction and building projects.  Sonya has a passion for French heritage beef and is founder of a regional Queensland beef brand.  A 2018 Nuffield Farming Scholar, Sonya’s key areas of interest encompass collaborative value chains, provenance-led brands and enabling technologies such as Blockchain to credential provenance and traceability and market collaboration.

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